Health Benefits Of Waterbeds

 Why are waterbeds gaining in popularity over traditional mattresses? Sleepers have discovered that waterbeds are more comfortable, cleaner, and provide a much more relaxing and deep sleep than their spring and coil counterparts. By preventing the build-up of unnecessary tension and discomfort, waterbeds offer sleepers a relaxing haven that ultimately boosts their overall health.

• Comfort

Unlike firm mattresses, waterbeds offer sleepers the ability to truly relax and stop shifting their position during the night. This leads to a better night’s sleep and overall better health. Studies show that sleepers on traditional firm mattresses shift their position anywhere between 60 to 90 times a night. This is because a firm mattress tends to create what are known as “pressure points” along the spine and joints. These pressure points contribute to other health problems such as arthritis, back pain, and pressure sores.
On a waterbed, the weight of the body is more evenly distributed, leading to a more relaxed and deep sleep. Simply put, there’s nothing wrong with being comfortable while being asleep.

While certain health conditions can’t be reversed with a waterbed, the even distribution of weight across the surface of the waterbed makes sleepers feel as if they are floating. This sensation in of itself is enough to allow backs to unkink and fingers to uncurl. Instead of feeling as if they are lying on an unbending slab, sleepers can let their body dictate the most comfortable sleeping position. It’s amazing how only a few night of refreshing sleep can make a person feel years younger.

• Hygiene

Waterbeds offer more than simple comfort. They are also far more hygienic than traditional box spring mattresses. Because they are watertight, microscopic bed bugs and other tiny organisms can’t live inside of the mattress. The surface of the waterbed can also be quickly wiped down with a hygienic cloth. This makes it far easier to avoid the accumulation of dead skin cells. Compared to a regular mattress, a waterbed offers sleepers a clean, sanitary sleeping environment.

The reduction in dead skin cells, dust, and other tiny organisms also leads to a reduction in allergens. Although we may not realize it, traditional mattresses are responsible for an enormous amount of allergens. Much like huge dust bins, they collect particulate matter just by virtue of being stationed in one place. Each time we lie on our mattresses, a small plume of dust and allergens escapes, polluting the air and wrecking havoc with those who have sensitive nasal passages. Even the most vigilant cleaning service is no match against the intrinsic particulate-capturing design of the basic mattress. Eliminating this source of contamination ultimately benefits both the sleeper and his or her surrounding environment.

Asthma sufferers in particular love waterbeds. It allows them to breathe easily while enjoying undisturbed sleep.

• Reduction of Insomnia

Discomfort of any kind makes it difficult to sleep. Prolonged discomfort can induce far more unpleasant symptoms, including insomnia. Although insomnia can be caused by a variety of symptoms including sensitivity to light, noise, and psychological problems, an uncomfortable sleeping environment can be the first condition that triggers these other problems.

An excellent way to understand what triggers insomnia is to realize that sleep functions as a kind of prolonged tension release exercise. Sleepers relax enough not only to refresh their bodies, but also to clear their minds. REM (rapid eye movement) sleep helps restore sanity to the brain. People who are deprived of REM sleep frequently go insane, just as people who are unable to fully relax their bodies begin to experience pain, discomfort, and illness. Insomnia can be a torturous experience for anyone who needs rest but finds they are unable to sufficiently relax. Waterbeds help ease or eradicate the discomfort level, and allow sleepers to avoid insomnia.

• Temperature

Finally, waterbeds offer sleepers the ability to regulate the temperature of their bed. Heaters embedded within the waterbed allow sleepers to feel as if they are floating on a gentle, warm current. They can adjust the temperature to their specifications so that they always feel comfortable. Traditional mattresses offer no heating controls, and frequently can become very cold during the middle of the night. A waterbed heater offers consistent and pleasant warmth throughout the night, allowing sleepers to truly relax.

Warmth also encourages muscles to fully relax. For athletes and busy professionals, being able to fully release built-up tension can be one of the best ways to reduce stress and correspondingly enjoy far better health.


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